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No matter the occasion, our flowers speak with elegance even words can’t describe. Each arrangement has  a certain charm, a special way of reaching peoples’ hearts. Let us create for you designs in fresh, permanent, dried flowers and other materials.

We have had countless people comment to us – “your flowers last so long, longer than we have ever gotten before.” That’s because we treat the flowers right from the very beginning. We inspect our flowers as soon as they come in and we keep only the best. Then we treat them with appropriate preservative and store them in carefully controlled temperatures.  When we design with them, we again treat them with  preservative and send along packets of more food for you to use at home.

Since  I HATE to throw flowers away, our inventory is small and varied. (If you ever go to one of the grocery stores and see their buckets and buckets of flowers, just ask them how many they have to throw away each week!)

We get fresh flowers several times a week and we follow to the strictest of clean rules.  We clean our coolers regularly and maintain high sanitary standards for our containers and tools.