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House Plants

Its time to add some Green to your Home

Beautiful house plants make long lasting statements. We can add fresh flowers, plush or other fine gifts to the plants for that Extra Special gift.

Your inside plants would love to live outside for the summer

Live plants add so much to any environment. They make excellet decorations for the backyard patio or porch. Whether you need something for your kitchen window or you want to create an oasis in your home or office, live plants bring Mother Earth to you. They are healthy for the air you breathe and beautiful. Most require little care and you will always be given care instructions. Some indoor plants have beautiful flowers, some luscious foliage. We have access to many varieties and can order them for your special needs. Plants make wonderful gifts. Our planter baskets are ready to go but we can always add fresh flowers or other decorations to make perfect gifts.

House plants will survive in many conditions but given good light, water, fertilizer once in a while, and some TLC, you will get many years of enjoyment from your plants.
Plants make excellent gifts for men who aren’t “all about the ruffles and frills” and are very appropriate for sympathy and get well occasions. Great for at the Hospital too.

Let us dress up a potted plant to reflect the occasion for which it is given and make it a perfect Gift.